A Brief History of the Fontana Di Trev in Rome, Italy

There are 280 water fountains in the Rome, the capital of Italy. Some of them are a lot more well known than others, but each of them has it’s own character and style.

Probably one of the most iconic fountains is the Fontana di Trevi – or the Trevi Fountain as it is more commonly known. You can find it in the Piazza di Trevi. it is a popular choice with tourists as it is so centrally located. It also offers itself well to being a great meeting point. Whether you plan to meet your friends and family or whether you are about to embark on one of the cities many free tours, you can be sure there is always a great deal of people passing through or just sitting by and watching the world go by.

The construction on the fountain began in 1732 by Nicola Salvi, an Italian architect who lived locally. Salvi designed the fountain in the late Roman Baroque style and it is currently s the largest Baroque fountain in Rome. After his death in 1751, the work on the fountain was continued by Giuseppe Panini and was officially completed in 1762 with statue of Pietro Bracci’s Oceanus, the god of water was placed in the centre. You can also look for best hotels in rome italy for luxurious experience.