A Detailed Review About GTA San Andreas Vehicles

When first released, Grant Theft Auto: San Andreas was one of the fastest selling games ever (it made the top 3 of all time). This was on the PlayStation 2. It has since been re-released on the XBOX, allowing a whole new demographic of gamers to enjoy this game. Within the game, there are almost 200 vehicles in the game. Note that this includes all GTA San Andreas vehicles, and this means planes, bikes, helicopters, boats, and several types of cars.  If you want to know more about the video games then you can visit at www.realdudesinc.com.

Due to the large collection of GTA San Andreas vehicles I will be selecting a few and taking a look at them. Most people enjoy riding bicycles when they are first introduced to the sport. The BMX is the best of all bikes, because you can hop, bunny hop, and even do pop wheelies. The Infernus is the fastest car in the game. 

According to some, the design is a copy of the Honda NSX sport car. Although this car is fast, it's not the most responsive. I recommend the Bullet or Banshee for a more enjoyable driving experience.

The Patriot is the best option if you want to travel off-road (and there are plenty of off-road areas between cities), This 4×4 is a model of the Humvee and can handle any type of terrain. It can also absorb gunfire so it can be useful for difficult missions.