Advantages Of Li-Ion Laptop Battery

The development of the Li-ion battery comes from lithium battery, so before introducing the Li-ion battery, let us introduce the lithium battery. Whereas before the camera, bottom batteries are used in lithium batteries. Lithium battery cathode material is lithium metal anode is carbon. When charging the battery, the battery positive electrode of lithium-ion on the formation of the resulting in motion to the cathode through the electrolyte. You can also buy a li-ion battery by clicking at:

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Li-ion battery has the following advantages:

1. Single battery voltage as high as 3.6-3.8V.

2. Energy than the large, the actual ratio of current to achieve energy 100-115Wh/Kg and 240-253Wh/L (2 times than the Ni-Cad battery, 1.5 times than the Ni-Mh battery). As technology development, specific energy will up to 150Wh/Kg and 400Wh/L.

3. Long cycle life, it can reach 500 times more than normal, some even 1000 times. For small current discharge of electrical appliances, battery lifespan will double the electrical competitiveness.

4. Safety performance is good, pollution-free, no memory effect. Predecessor as Li-ion battery, because lithium dendrite is easy to form a short circuit, reducing its applications: Li-ion battery do not contain cadmium, lead, mercury and other elements of the environment pollution: part of the process (such as sinter) of Ni-Cd battery exists a major drawback of the "memory effect", seriously hampering the use batteries, but Li-ion battery does not exist this problem.

5. Since the discharge is small, at room temperature fully charged Li-ion battery storage a month after the self-discharge rate of 10%, much lower than Ni-Cd of 25-30%, Ni-Mh of 30-35%.