All About Commercial Real Estate Loans

This article outlines some common problems that commercial real estate loan borrowers and advisors should anticipate. These problems are very common in traditional bank commercial real-estate loans and should be avoided. However, special circumstances may occasionally make them unavoidable.

To be eligible for a commercial real property loan, most traditional banks will need several years' worth of tax returns. You can also get more information about real estate loans via

Commercial Real Estate Loans

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The alternative is to use a Stated income lender, which does not require verification of personal assets or income. If tax returns are used to determine income, many borrowers won't be eligible for a commercial mortgage loan. 

Lenders that use tax returns will continue to verify income even after the loan is closed by many. This practice will be avoided by state income lenders. Commercial loans for special-purpose properties are becoming more difficult to obtain. This special-purpose classification is often used for properties that are not classified as apartments or retail/office buildings. 

It is often difficult to obtain business acquisition loans for commercial properties, such as restaurants/bars or auto service businesses. For specialized properties such as hospitals, funeral homes, nursing homes, and assisted living facilities, commercial financing may be more difficult to find. You can also navigate for more information about real estate loans.