All About The CBD Skin Care Products

What exactly is CBD? Scientists clarify that it is an organic chemical compound that is found in the cannabis plants hemp and marijuana. "It's one of the two primary active ingredients of cannabis, the other one being THC (tetrahydrocannabinol), which is the active psychotropic," they say.

Based on Lewis as well as Schroeder they believe it's "a powerful antioxidant that is highly anti-inflammatory and has been proven in numerous studies to lower the production of lipids from glands that produce sebum." You can also visit to buy cbd facial products.

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What is the process by which CBD functions? Engelman claims that CBD works by interacting with the receptors for cannabinoids. "We have receptors on each layer on your skin that send signals to your bodies when there's discomfort, itchiness, and so on.," she explains. 

"Topical CBD is intended to assist people suffering from rashes or skin disorders like eczema, or painful conditions like post-herpetic nerve pain in which our body's signals are disrupted. For instance, it's not specifically targeting eczema, however, it's the hormones that are responsible for the flare-ups in eczema."

In general, CBD oil is used in products for skin care. There are CBD creams, serum masks, as well as facial and body oils. However, hemp seed oil–which has been a popular ingredient in products for skin care for quite a while–isn't the same as CBD. There's nothing wrong with hemp seed oil, however, it isn't an ingredient that's active or has particular anti-inflammatory effects.