Another Three Must Have Games For PlayStation Move

Sony tries to compete with the motion sensor king Nintendo, by releasing their own version of motion-sensing console called PlayStation Move. 

If you own any quest 2 attachments, you already know that your VR headset is nothing short of a revelation—inexpensive, easy to use, completely portable, and able to play PC-caliber games. 



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This console is packed with very popular motion sensor controllers and with added amazing accessories like the eye camera peripheral and voice recognition software. 

The three of the new best games for this high-end game console

1.The Fight

Lights Out is a game that was developed only for PlayStation Move. The story of the game runs around the life of a rising street fighter. 

With the help of motion sensors and the eye camera, this game is really one of its kind when it comes to full entertainment. 

2.The Lord of the Rings

Aragorn's Quest is a third-person RPG, which is based on the worldwide phenomenal film Lord of the Rings. Take the role of Aragon and solve puzzles and problems while dealing with the forces of evil. 


This game is rumored to surpass any war and shooting-based games that people have ever played. With so many features to offer, this is really something that every PlayStation 3 user must-have.

If you feel that these games are not sufficient to quench your gaming thirst, you can always visit online to get the latest updates on new game releases for Move.