Apply for Citizenship With The Help Of A Citizenship Lawyer in Phoenix

US citizenship can be obtained two ways, namely through birth or Immigration department acceptance. Birth certificate and other essential documents required for natural-born citizenship. However, getting Immigration department approval is not one step. It could take several months to receive approval by an Immigration department. 

The USCIS department does not also provide assurances regarding the naturalization approval of the department. The N-400 form is a way to apply to be eligible for benefits of naturalization. Alongside the application form, applicants have to meet the conditions to be eligible for U.S citizenship. You can also visit to hire a citizenship lawyer in Phoenix.

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The applicant must be 18 years old. If the applicant is resident within the United States, for the most of the last five years, they must not live more than six months outside within the United States. If the foreigner lives alongside the U.S partner for greater than 3 months in the United States, they are eligible to apply for U.S citizenship.

The candidate must have a complete grasp of English. It means being able to write, read and speak English and have a basic understanding of U.S history of the government and laws. There is no problem if the U.S citizen died during this period. During the citizenship interview, applicants are required to answer questions and provide answers to pass for the U.S citizenship exam.

Moral character is very important in the event of a slight lie during an interview, it could reduce the likelihood of U.S citizenship. Moral character is now one of the elements that grants the right to US citizenship.