Best Trees to Plant in Georgia

The state of Georgia has many of the most stunning trees in the nation. If you are planning an arborist service for Decatur and Atlanta it is possible to consult with your ISA-certified arborist for help in identifying some species that you have within your property.

In addition to being able to identify your trees, it can provide you with more details regarding your landscaping, this information can also help you plan the appropriate pruning service or emergency tree removal services for every species.

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If you're unsure what the best tree trimming method is for your property take an overview of how to recognize some of the most typical Georgia trees.

Trident Maple

It is believed that the Trident Maple tree will make its presence felt during the autumn months, as its leaves change to a vivid shade of bright red. Since it is a deciduous plant, it is possible to see the Trident Maple lose all of its leaves in the course of the autumn and winter months. If you're wondering whether there is a Trident Maple in your yard You can check for its bright orange bark and the large tri-lobed leaves.

Mockernut Hickory

If your property has one or more trees that stand more than 80 feet tall the property could be the home of The Mockernut Hickory. This distinctive Georgian tree is distinguished by its grayish bark and its slow-growing pattern. If you're trying to identify the leaves on a Mockernut Hickory it is possible to look for leaves that are bright yellow on the top, and darker green below.