Black Truffle Sea Salt & Italian Meringue Gelato

The insanely rich, creamy, delicious flavor of black truffle salt makes it an irresistible addition to many simple savory recipes. Made by soaking the black truffle in salty water for several hours, the resulting salt is so full of flavor that you'll want to keep a spoon in your kitchen at all times. Originally from the capital city of Tuscany, Italy, the name "truffle" is due to the fact that the city was home to a city councilman who was continually looking for ways to improve upon the city's poor image. After deciding to use a black truffle as an icon for the poor, the Italian government made truffle salt a legal tax item. Since then, the black truffle has become synonymous with luxury. For those of you who love this salty treat, here is how to make your own.

This is actually a very simple dish that is actually a precursor to some of the more fancy Italian recipes. While black truffle sea salt can be purchased in most supermarkets and health food stores, there is also a much cheaper and more accessible alternative. Most grocery stores carry fine sea salt which will match your flavors perfectly. This fine sea salt also comes in a large variety of colors, so even those without a great sense of color sense can create beautiful dishes with it. Also, purchasing your fine sea salt on the internet allows you to cut down on costs since you can buy larger quantities for less money.

Start by prepping your ingredients. Using a food processor or a small blender will give you a better result when preparing this dish. Once prepared, simply sprinkle your black truffle salt onto the top of your pasta. You can then sprinkle your regular salt onto your pasta as well. You should repeat this process until your pasta and your black truffle salt are both completely coated. Allow this mixture to sit for about fifteen minutes before serving.

If you are wondering why this would be a great recipe to make for an upcoming party, it is all because of the wonderful flavor that this has as a base flavor. It is actually comparable to that of high-quality caramel popcorn that has just been lightly flavored. In fact, it is a far cry from the typical popcorn that we have grown accustomed to and come to love from the theater. A great way to enjoy the unique flavor of this salty treat is to use it in place of regular salt on your baked foods such as cakes or bread. For example, you could bake a loaf of French bread using a mixture of black truffle sea salt and regular salt.

Alternatively, you could also use black truffle sea salt for a delicious seasoning for any number of dishes that call for salty seasoning. For instance, you could make potato salad with the mixture instead of the more traditional ingredients. You could also top meat and cheese in this mixture for a delicious and salty taste that will really kick up the flavor in any dish. If you want to kick things up a notch, you could experiment with different flavors by mixing them with regular table salt. Not only will this provide a much richer flavor but it will also bring out the natural flavor that is inherent in the materials from which your table salt was mined.

As an alternative to using the Italian black summer truffles for baking, another great use for this salty treat is to make them into a delicious and authentic dessert. One easy way to do this is to make a simple blend of three parts regular table salt and two parts Italian black summer salt. By combining these two different flavors, you can create a wonderfully balanced and flavorful blend of salt. For example, you can vary the seasonings to create different mixtures like those that would be perfect for making Stilton or Autumn fruits desserts. These flavors will also work well when combined with nutmeg and cinnamon to produce a rich and intense desert.

When you are looking for a great way to enjoy truffles at home, you should start experimenting with different combinations. The Italian blends are incredibly popular and many people have their own favorites. For those who are looking to change things up a bit, however, you can also try different mixes. A great combination to try is to make a blend of regular table salt and truffled Italian black summer salt. This mixture can be used as a topping for grilled truffle cakes or vegetable soup and is incredibly tasty.

As the holiday season approaches and the chocolates and pastries begin to arrive, you might be wondering what other kinds of recipes you can try to spice things up a bit. One unusual and flavorful combination that is becoming quite popular is to make chocolate truffle gelato with mushrooms. This is a very unique and delicious version of chocolate truffle that has a slightly yeasty flavor that is somewhat similar to mushroom. It has a slight hint of mushroom flavor, is bitter in taste, and has a very pleasant and distinct flavor. This combination is perfect for a cream cheese flavored pasta or served on its own as a delicious dessert.