Coverage Of Care For Women And Newborns

There are a variety of strategies and interventions that can save the lives of women and children during pregnancy, childbirth, and the neonatal period. They include:

• Reproductive health services such as contraceptive services

• Prenatal care

• Quality obstetric and emergency services

• Postnatal care

Postnatal care leaves much to be desired in many countries, including middle and high-income countries. The level of skilled care at the postnatal level is much worse than at the midwifery stage in most low-income countries. You can find leading postnatal care services via the web.

postnatal care services

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Research shows that a high level of care in a baby's first two days can change everything. Most newborn deaths are caused by infections, complications in preterm birth, and shortness of breath during delivery.

The first two causes account for about two-thirds of all newborn deaths. The surprising thing is that simple and cheap measures can prevent half of these deaths. 

Kangaroo Mother Care is a nursing method that uses breast-to-skin breastfeeding to carry a premature baby who can breathe on its own. Skin-to-skin contact has been shown to stabilize breathing, heart rate, and temperature.

Babies can eat better and gain weight faster. The ability to breastfeed strengthens the immune system and helps the baby fight infection. Despite the well-researched and documented methods of mother kangaroo care, mother kangaroo care is still not widely used in many medical facilities and clinics around the world.