Door Caulking Can Save Energy And Money For Homeowners

You may have had an energy audit of your home recently that found significant air leaks. Or you might have just noticed drafts around windows and doors. These areas are the most likely to cause energy waste in your home. You can easily fix air leaks around exterior doors with upgraded door caulking.

The same caulking used for weather stripping and fixed features is often used on doors. However, there are certain caulking products and processes that can be used on doors. They provide a higher level of insulation. You should hire those caulking contractors that provide the highest quality of workmanship.

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A homeowner can reap the benefits of reducing their energy consumption and thus lower their energy bills, especially with today's rising energy prices. Choose a polyurethane caulk. Polyurethane has many advantages, including the ability to color your caulk to match your home's decor.

They provide consistent insulation throughout the year. These caulks are flexible because while some caulks can dry to a hard state, polyurethane is very flexible and suitable for use with doors. Polyurethane is more able to stick to doors than silicone caulks. It also stays clean. 

Maintaining clean caulking can improve the aesthetics of your home. You can ask a home energy inspector company for their advice on the best caulks to use on your doors. While door caulking costs are relatively affordable, the savings you can make by having your doors caulked is significant. This means homeowners will see a high Return on Investment (ROI), when they caulk their doors.