Everything About STLTH Pods

A popular item in the house is an STLTH Starter Kit. STLTH pods are uniquely made, the mouthpiece is an oval shape which provides a wonderful taste while drawing the pod. The STLTH pod’s mouthpiece is typically in white color, but certain top STLTH pod flavors may alter the color of the mouthpiece.

The STLTH pod is engineered to have the largest tank capacity of 2ml E-liquid, which is twice the standard of the industry, which means that you can use the STLTH pod for a long time before changing the STLTH pod to another device. Check online resources to get more information about STLTH pods in Toronto Canada.

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When it comes to choosing the top STLTH flavor, it is up to you to figure out what you like most. Before knowing the use of your STLTH pods, make sure you know that it is necessary to require an STLTH device or an alternative STLTH compatible device for you to utilize your STLTH pod in a proper manner. 

In the first place, STLTH pods aren't refillable or reusable. They are closed pods similar to a Juul pod. This means after you've used it, you will need to purchase an additional pod. To use the pod, you will need to connect it to your Stlth pod compatible device and then draw the mouthpiece.