Everything You Should Know About Compression Stockings

If you have to sit in one place for long hours at work or have to travel for long hours, then I'm sure at the end of the day you will feel heavy legs, mainly due to circulatory problems, which in turn lead to prolonged. not active. 

In addition, people with varicose veins and other similar conditions also experience problems with good blood circulation in their legs, especially when they have to sit or stand for long hours at work. Wearing thigh-length compression stockings, or socks and a support hose is a great way to keep blood flowing to your lower body and ensure you don't feel tired at the end of the day.

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What are compression stockings?

Compression stockings or support stockings are knitwear worn on the legs to increase blood circulation in the area. It is often observed that people with sedentary lifestyles have circulatory problems where, instead of flowing back through the veins to the heart, blood often pools in the legs, thereby interfering with the proper flow of blood throughout the body. 

Medical experts believe that poor circulation can be the beginning of various diseases and ailments, as well as infections. Therefore, to prevent this, experts suggest using compression therapy or gradual compression therapy, which uses simple compression techniques to ensure proper blood flow in the body.

These compression stockings put pressure on the lower legs and feet and ensure that blood from these areas reaches the heart. The difference between these socks or stockings and regular ones is that they use rubber bands, which are stronger and put more pressure on the feet. 

The property of these socks is that they put pressure on the muscles, veins, and arteries of the legs, which in turn allows blood to circulate through a narrower area. This in turn ensures that the blood is actually pushed to the heart and thus ensures good blood circulation.