How To Effectively Use Gamification In Marketing

Gamification refers to the application of games to non-gaming activities which encourage user participation and improve positive behaviors like increasing the amount of user participation, social interaction, or the quality and efficiency of the actions. Companies have begun to implement more game mechanics such as points or countdowns in their promotions and marketing campaigns to generate more involvement with their clients. However, there are so many websites such as to provide gamified marketing in this competitive market.

Marketing Gamification

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How Are Game Mechanics?

In the field of marketing games, they are the actions of a strategy for gamification that triggers a response from the user, which lets them understand and reach a specific objective.

A few examples of game mechanics are:

  • Goals.
  • Competition.
  • Status. 
  • Education.
  • Rewards.

What are the benefits of Gamification?

Gamification is a method of tapping the motivation of your brain. There are three fundamental elements that are the driving force behind motivation.

  • Autonomy.
  • Value.
  • Competence. 

There are two kinds of motivation: external factors such as status or money and internal factors such as your own interest or pleasure. In the case of gamification, both extrinsic as well as intrinsic motivation is involved. In most cases, you will be motivated to participate in a certain activity that is driven by an intrinsic motivation to reach a target and motivated by extrinsic motivation.

Does Gamification really work in Marketing Strategies?

The primary benefit of a game-based environment is that it increases the motivation of users. Utilizing gamification as a marketing tool you could:

  • Boost customer engagement
  • Sales increase
  • Create brand loyalty
  • Get valuable customer information
  • Encourage customers to purchase more often