How to make use of social media marketing

Social media will be an vital element of any business’s marketing strategy, so it wasn't surprising that an episode of the livestream show for Podiatrists, PodCHatLive did devote the issue to social media marketing for podiatry busineses. PodChatLive is a once weekly live stream on Facebook that is hosted by Craig Payne in Australia together with Ian Griffiths in England. The hosts have a different guest on for each stream and go over an array of subjects, answering questions which were submitted on the Facebook stream. At the conclusion of the livestream, the recorded version is loaded to YouTube as well as the audio versions uploaded as a podcast.

With the livestream on social media, Craig and Ian had a chat with Jill Woods and they talked about why health professionals often see promotion as a dirty word, and she offered some really good details on the way we can easily re-frame this and use it for the good of the podiatry profession. Additionally they discussed the advantages and disadvantages of social media and discussed some of the different social media sites offered and the way to make use of them, and eventually how they can be utilized for good by all. There was also a chat on how the professional/governing associations might or should make use of social media. Jill Woods first worked in marketing in 1988, long before the web came into existence and before she had ever heard the term podiatry. Since that time Jill has worked in a number of advertising and marketing specific roles as well as trained as a podiatrist prior to being employed as an associate in a podiatry practice and then operating her own private practice. Jill has widely lectured on and about podiatry. Jill has since passed a Masters in adult training & education and began 5 different online and offline businesses so as to find something that would fit with her nomadic life being a armed forces spouse.