How To Work With A Headhunter In Jakarta

With the cutbacks in Human Resources and the fewer jobs to work with out there, contingency recruiters are working much harder to fill these jobs. You might be asking what is a contingency recruiter and how do I use them?

A contingency recruiter is a third party recruiter, frequently known as a headhunter. To know about the best headhunter in Jakarta visit

They're an external recruiter, or a third party, which has partnered to work with a Human Resources department to help them fulfill their positions.

They generally work with numerous companies at the same time and oftentimes they focus on a specific industry. As with any market, you will find honest headhunters and the ones that are unethical or immoral.

Contingent recruiters will get you from an assortment of places, like the job boards, LinkedIn, a referral, or by an online search should you have your resume uploaded on your website.

Here are some things to consider when working with a headhunter:

Know with whom you're dealing – Get as many details from the recruiter as possible to figure out if they're someone you wish to represent you.

Make sure they're a legitimate recruiter with a good reputation. Ask around to people on your network to determine if anyone has had a bad or good experience working with the recruiter. Ask them for references before you commit for them to represent you.

Ask questions – what's the relationship with the customer? Have they put anyone with that customer before? Who's on their customer list? How long are they a recruiter? What is the easiest way that you work together? Ask enough questions to believe you're comfortable working with this individual.