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Chinese natives utilize the same system to write the written languages they speak. Mandarin (or Putonghua) is the Chinese standard. The standard can be described as the Beijing dialect which is composed of five-tone pronunciations. Mandarin is among the four languages spoken in Singapore and is one of the six languages of the United Nations.

In the years before the Chinese government issued Chinese's Roman versions of Mandarin in the year 1958, There were a variety of methods by which Chinese letters were written using English letters. In the following years, Pinyin became the standard for people who wanted to master Mandarin Chinese. You can also get Chinese legal translation services for their business purposes.

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Around one billion people around the world are currently speaking Chinese as their primary language and 851 million are Mandarin native users. This is higher than any other language spoken in the world.

Many Mandarin voice-over services offer content to many customers. Subtitling, dubbing, post-production, and translation are all available. The majority of companies have a team consisting of audio engineers, voice-over directors, and artists to complete the task. 

The most important European, Asian, and East Asian languages serve their specialization. Cantonese, Japanese, Korean, Hmong, Thai, Russian, and Vietnamese are only some.

Wide-ranging Mandarin voice-over solutions include commercials for TV and radio E-learning software computers, video games, narrations for documentaries digital presentations, corporate presentations, medical narrations as well as audio and video instructional materials animated, audiobooks, and web-based voice-overs.