Property Maintenance Repairing and Restoring Of Brick Or stone

Precise measurements of the structure must be taken before any work can begin. These measurements will be used to create a drawing as well as a detailed description of the original structure. You can also hire the experts via

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These details include the shape and size of the feature, any special moldings or molded bricks that are needed in the repair, as well as the type of masonry used to construct the original structure, the bedding material, and its constituent parts, and the style of pointing the final work.

You should clearly illustrate the elevation of your proposed work on any plan or drawing that you prepare. It is important to take great care to identify the sequences and bricks that need to be saved. These should be marked and the exact numbers on the unit that is being taken down and cleaned up.

It should also include as much detail as possible and any necessary secondary work. Drawings that require the use of moldings should be drawn at a larger scale or full size if the work requires them. 

This will allow for the reproduction of the replacement units accurately. Remember that accurate reproduction of the feature will only be possible once it has been completely demolished. Any mistakes or omissions in the drawings will not be corrected later.