Factors that Define Purchasing Decisions at the Time of Boat Investment

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Boats come in different types of shapes, sizes, styles and more provided you are interested to invest in one. Investing in a boat depends on understanding basic factors about the boat. Understanding these factors helps you to invest in the right one. Therefore, if you’re about to invest in a brand-new boat for the first-time, then consider these factors allowing you to buy the correct boat instead of investing in the wrong one.

  1. Think about the Size – A boat comes in different types from small to massive ones. For beginners, you may want to go for a smaller size compared to bigger ones. Small boats are known to be easy for learning the basics of boat. However, if you’re about to have your loved ones tagging along, then you may want to go for a bigger boat. But buying a bigger boat means, you need to be extra careful while heading for your boating trips.
  2. Think about Maintenance – Just like any other car and bike, boats too require regular maintenance. Smaller the boat, the less you will spend on maintenance and vice versa. Therefore, consider this factor that will help you buy the correct type of boat.
  3. Think about Storage – This is one of the factors that isn’t compulsory however, needs to be considered. If you reside in a cold region comprising of constant rains and storage, then yes you will need to invest in a storage facility to keep you boat safe. However, not necessary if you reside in a warmer region.

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What are the Different Types of Flats Boats Available?

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If you are looking for a flats boat for your boating voyage, you must know your options. While you should get in touch with reputed aluminium boat manufacturers in Australia for the best choice, this quick introduction can help you make a better choice.

  • Small Flats Skiffs: Designed precisely for the hardest spots on tidal flats, small flats skiffs are also known as micro skiffs. With a size of 12-16 feet, micro skiffs are the smallest flats boats and ideal options for grass flat fishing.
  • Mid-size Flats Skiffs: This type is the one most people buy and use today. Being bigger than the smallest flats skiffs, they offer more capacity and have a built-in storage option. With a capacity of 1-3 people, these mid-sized boats are great for full-day excursions and are 16-20 feet in size.
  • Large Flats Boats: The largest ones range from 20-25 feet and can accommodate more people without losing the characteristics of flats boats. They are often confused with bay boats for the similarities they offer. Features of these boats include more capacity for livewells, tackle storage, passengers, and in-deck fish boxes.
  • Technical Poling Skiffs: The most common variety, technical poling skiffs are lightweight and can be poled through water by hand. A dedicated polling platform on the vessel’s rear part offers better visibility and pushing leverage.

Other types of flats boats include the flat deck, high performance, and hybrid flats boats. While each has its own specifics for design and purpose, consulting a professional can help you find the best match to your needs and budget.