Baby Shower Party Venues That Fit Your Budget

Shower parties usually take place at the hostess or mother-to-be's home. But taking your baby away from home to a special place can also be a lot of fun. But of course budget is an important decision criterion when choosing a location. Here are some baby shower party suggestions for those on a tight budget as well as those with flamboyant friends. You can also discover the best baby shower & party venue in West Palm Beach via Serenity Garden.

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Mall activity area

Most malls have activity areas that are rented out for events. If you have a large group of people and want to schedule fun games and activities for your shower party, this is the place. The rental fee depends on the size of the space you want to use and is agreed with the mall manager. Since shopping centers are usually easy to find, your guests should have no trouble getting directions and getting lost.

Hotel functional room

For a formal shower party, the hotel holiday lounge is the perfect place. You can have a formal arrangement with waiters to serve your guests. There are also a variety of other menus and services that you can include in your package. This is definitely a more expensive place. In addition to reservations, catering and planning services charge you or your friends.

However, holding the event at a location other than home depends on the comfort of the expectant mother. Some families feel comfortable in the hotel, others don't. Some mothers tire quickly and sleepy, while others are always playful and active. The selection of the best place should not only be based on the budget, but most importantly always consider the prospective mother and child.