The Favorite Disney Characters of All Time

Since the Walt Disney Empire grows, so also does its record of favorite Disney characters. Each generation seems to have another set of favorites, but some classic characters always appear to pop up.

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After all, who will see Disney World or Disney Land with their picture taken together with the subsequent Disney classics?

– Mickey Mouse: Maybe the most recognized character in the world, Mickey Mouse was the first of those Disney characters to be released.  

– Minnie Mouse: Each mouse has to possess his maid, and consequently, Minnie is almost constantly at Mickey's side. Minnie adds a bit of love into the otherwise male cast.

– Goofy: Scooby Do was definitely based on this character, who's constantly getting into a jam and lumbering out his way.

– Cinderella: Every little girl's dream is to locate the glass slipper that matches — and thus, find her Prince Charming. Girls see Disney clad in complete Princess equipment in homage to Cinderella, who's the very first Disney character to actually spark the"I am a princess" impression that small women harbor.

– Ariel: A recent addition to the Disney figures clan, this personality takes Princess into (and beneath) the ocean. The star of The Little Mermaid film reminds small women that regardless of who attempts to prevent them from attaining a target, they could finally prevail.

– Aladdin: A popular of boys and girls alike, that roguish boy speaks to this troublemaker.