Dry Eye Treatment Options in Toronto

Dry Eyes, commonly known, as Dry Eye Syndrome (D.E.S) is a widespread condition that affects a large number of Toronto. It is estimated that 11% of people between the ages of 30 and 60 are dealing with D.E.S. every day. The percentage of those affected increases to 15% over the age of 65. 


A proper understanding of D.E.S begins with an overview of the symptoms. The majority of people affected by D.E.S. report general irritation and sometimes even pain. It is common for affected eyes to become extremely sensitive to light. Itching and redness also occur on a common basis. Some people have even reported feeling like an object was stuck in their eye, like a grain of salt or dust. At worst it can affect the actual quality of vision.

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Dry Eye Explained:

Surgical Treatments

· Light Therapy (IPL): Intense Pulsed Light Laser Treatment can be used to unplug the oil glands lining the eyelid. The intense light serves as a healing warm compress, which will loosen up the hardened oil that clogs the glands. It is usually advised to have up to 3 treatments to see benefits.

· Probing or Oil Gland Therapy: This method uses a small pointy instrument that probes the oil glands, which opens it up and allows secretion of the natural oils in the lid.

· Cautery is the permanent closure of the tear duct canals, which allows more tears to remain in the eye for longer periods.

It is advised to see an optometrist in Toronto to get your condition diagnosed. Not all treatments are suitable for all those who suffer from D.E.S. It is very important to diagnose the symptoms and causes of dry eyes before choosing a treatment method.