Is Ice Hockey The Greatest Game?

What makes hockey good? So far the fastest of the main sports, both in terms of the speed of the game and lack of downtime during the match. You can find quality ice hockey table online. 


Ice hockey – playing games

Two teams from five skaters and goals, each wearing roller skates and holding a stick with a curved bar, trying to shoot hard rubber disks (or "chip") into other team nets.

The players:
Besides the goalkeeper, each team has three to the front (center and two wings) and two defenses.

The Rink:
Ice, rectangular shaped with a rounded corner, halved by red center. Two blue lines divide the arena into the same three zones, the defensive zone (where your team goalkeeper occupies the internet), neutral zone and an offensive zone (where your team tries to score). Chip must really cross the goal line to consider on the internet. The goal line covers the width of the ice because it is also used to assess icing infraction.

How ice hockey arena works

Basic rules:
A Serang player cannot enter the opposition defense zone in front of the pieces. If he did it, he was called offside, the game was stopped and the face-off was held in a neutral zone. If a player sends a piece of half of the ice through the line of opposition without entering the net or come into contact with other players, the icing will be called and face-off is held in the defense zone of the offending team.