Two-Piece Gift Box Design Offers Immense Customization Options

When you develop and market a product, you will most likely ensure that it reflects the ethics, values , and qualities of your brand. However how careful are you when packaging this product? Though, the packaging you use is a big deal. Regardless of what product is in it, your customer will see the packaging first. Two-piece gift box designs can give you some significant advantages, especially for specialty items, one-off offers, and other non-standard product offerings. 

A two-piece gift box is exactly what the name suggests – a two-piece gift box. One part traditionally holds the product i.e., the bottom while the other part forms the lid i.e., top. However, this is where the similarities between the different squares end. This type of design is ideal for most types of products and can be adapted to suit any marketing or point of sale needs. However, you can also visit this site right here to make customize your gift box in the beautiful style, color, and design you want.

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You will also find that cardboard boxes can use any type of coated or uncoated cast paper that you may need. This ensures that you can easily meet your design specifications. Apart from printing, you can also add texture. Velvet is a very popular choice for high-quality gift boxes, although there are many different texture options to choose from for your product.

Another benefit of using a two-piece gift box design is that you have a number of different hardware options. These elements add to the style and overall packaging design and can go a long way toward achieving the "look" you need for your product once it hits the shelves. For example, there are magnetic clips, as well as clasps and various types of handles that can be added to gift boxes to create the look you want.