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English To German Translation Services

Translation from English to German is very important for doing business with Germany. About 5,000 languages are spoken worldwide.

Many mistakes are made by inexperienced and untrained translators translating from English to German. These common mistakes include word-for-word translations and idioms.

The translator must use the correct words so that the sentence can be understood. Indeed, proverbs and expressions etc are very difficult to translate because word-to-word translations into German in most cases do not have the correct meaning given the actual sentence.

You can also opt for spoken and written German translation services in Australia.

Translation of idioms and expressions

The following is a translation of some of the proverbs and idioms from English to German: "Apples do not fall far from the tree" is a German idiom and translated into English means children most often resemble their father.

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When an unqualified and incompetent translator translates this sentence, the sentence reads: "From such a block, such a chip" or "The apple fell by the trunk". This type of translation is meaningless and impossible to understand.

Translation rules

A general and useful rule of English to German translation is that the translator needs to find the most appropriate word to convey a meaningful sentence. In addition, the expression to be translated does not have to be translated literally.

It needs to be translated once you understand the true meaning of that phrase or phrase. Therefore, translating from English to German is complicated and difficult for experienced translators who do not know the translation rules, but very easy for competent and experienced translators.