What Are The Warning Signs For Irritable Bowel Syndrome

A person may experience severe discomfort from irritable bowel syndrome. It is important to get it treated promptly. It is important to get started early in order to see a doctor or begin working towards resolving the problem. 

This means that you need to be alert for signs and symptoms of irritable stool syndrome and get started on treatment. You can also get treatment for irritable bowel syndrome in Mesa via https://drhoustonanderson.com/mesa-ibs-doctor/ from the doctors.

There are many symptoms that indicate the presence of irritable stool syndrome in the body. These symptoms are:

a) Abdominal pain or discomfort

This is the most common sign of the irritable intestinal syndrome. It can be severe or mild. You may also feel severe pain when you pass the wind, open your bowels, or eat. The pain is most common at a specific time of day. The pain is most common in the evening. The discomfort may get worse for women during their menstrual cycle.

b) Changes in bowel habits

It is possible for feces to be inconsistent due to irritable bowel syndrome. It can become hard, loose pellet-like material, or watery. You may also be able to pass certain amounts of mucus. There are two types of bowel habits: constipation and diarrhea. It is possible that you feel like your bowels are not empty completely.

c) A bloated stomach

This is the result of the inability to pass wind from the body.