A Quick Guide Water Heaters Repair In Marshall

The most common problems people have with water heaters are rotten egg odours, rust-coloured water, lack of hot water, popping sounds, or leaks in the base of the heater. The first impulse you may have is to contact a repair specialist. But before you do, consider some of these water heater repair Marshall tips that could save you a few dollars.

Before repairing the heater, be sure to take some precautions, such as B. Turn off the power supply to the electric water heater. This is done by turning off the circuit breaker or fuse that supplies power to the heater. If using a non-boiler gas tank heater, turn the gas control valve to the "Pilot" setting. And the most important thing is to turn off the boiler.

If you have a gas tank heater and it makes a popping sound, there may be deposits in the tank or low water pressure leading to a boiling point. This may not be a big problem. But if the hot water is not enough, check the thermostat, it may be set too low, you just need to raise the temperature. There may also be scale or mud in the tank so all you have to do is drain the mud. If the valve is leaking, the water pressure may be too high, so use a pressure relief valve, or better yet, replace the valve.

With electric water heaters, odours can be caused by bacteria, so you may need to replace the anode. If there is noise, it may be due to low water pressure or a voltage exceeding the heating element rating, so adjust accordingly.