Why Shea Butter Cream Helps Heal Stretch Marks

Everyone knows what cocoa buttercream is and what powers it has to minimize and prevent stretch marks, but few know that it is a close relative: shea butter. 

Shea buttercream is a product that is widely used in the cosmetic industry, especially in moisturizers. As a finished product, it has a yellowish hue, similar to cocoa butter. You can buy the best shea buttercream at https://www.herban.net/collections/hand-health/products/shae for your beautiful skin.

Chocolate companies sometimes use chocolate shea butter instead of cocoa butter. The complex process is turning raw shea seeds into cream-rich that we can use to prevent stretch marks on a daily basis. 

First, the seed must be separated from the tree and broken into several parts. The tribal women gathered in a circle and broke the seeds on the rocks. 

A large pot is then placed over a wood fire, and the women pour crushed thorn nuts from the mortar into the pot. If the woman stopped stirring the pot, the crushed peanuts would burn and the whole pot would crumble. 

Then grind the roasted nuts into a finer cream. As they grind the beans, add water and mix by hand for a softer texture. The next step is to pour the pasta into a large glass and add more water. This is necessary to separate the oil. They swam on the water and were carried away.

Today, shea buttercream looks similar to the final product, but there are still two more steps to go. It should be boiled to remove any remaining water and then harden in a cool, dry place.