Three Main Purposes For Acquiring an IOSH Training

IOSH stands for Institute of Occupational Safety and Health. The IOSH training course is a program specifically targeted to managers and supervisors in any field or any type of organization. You can get more information about iosh managing safely via

Three Main Purposes For Acquiring an IOSH Training

It is designed and developed in such a way that managers need to give it to all who want to know to help them deal with health and safety issues in their organizations.

We all know that the main objective of this program and training course is to achieve safety and security in terms of employee's health and work environment. Actually, the main reason is security. However, there are other reasons or factors that may possibly influence the decision as to whether selection for such training course is considered necessary.

# 1 Studies have shown that based on the total number of workers worldwide, approximately 38.5 million days are lost each year due to work injuries or ill health. This information alone is dangerous information for managers and business owners.

It's a fact that the most frequent explanation for absenteeism among students and employees is because of health issues. It's normal for the body to go from work and also to stop influenza or some sort of disease. But if such a situation happens frequently as a result of management's failure to take precautionary steps in the work environment, then this type of disease can't be regarded as normal.

# 2. Based on the survey, approximately 25,000 people are leaving the workforce each year and have not returned to work due to the loss and injury experienced on the line of duty.

Many workers and employees, especially those industry workers and those who use heavy machinery, are facing this problem. A significant number of these workers ended up in wheelchairs, while others had permanent body injuries, giving them a vague outlook in terms of getting another job.

# 3 studies, 70% of workplace accidents can be prevented by good management.

This is good news because it insists that the use of appropriate techniques and equipment by management can still reduce and prevent a large proportion of workplace accidents. The training includes a module on how to investigate and learn from accidents so that such situations do not repeat themselves, thus fewer accidents occur.