User Roles for Custom WordPress Plugin Development

 Before jumping into the concept, you must understand the core difference between Roles and Capabilities. These are the deeds that a user can commence. When somebody changes the appearance of the website by appearance section in the back-end panel, this can be related to capabilities.

A user having a set of competencies such as editing a post and adding a post is an example of roles. So, basically, a WordPress user who possesses such a set of capabilities is assigned the role of "Admin".

So, in simple Admin is someone who's got the license of managing the entire website. However, you can also use the best nopcommerce custom plugin from to make your eCommerce website.

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Default "Roles-Capabilities" Setup for WordPress

 The default setting for WordPress contains 6 roles and around 57 capabilities. Every role contains different-different combinations of capabilities and it is awarded to the users who have the rights and honors. And it is not recommended to modify any default setting, but many times changes work in favor.

Adding New Roles

Roles and capabilities are like heads and tales of a coin. A website administrator can always start off by creating a set of new capabilities. For example, if you own an eCommerce website. Then it's obvious to have a marketing team.

Then the marketing team doesn't need the admittance to the post of the website, however, they might need access to trending search results, advertising statistics, etc.

So, as a programmer, you will be responsible for assigning explicit roles to the marketing team. Naturally, they should not be assigned any role regarding adding and editing a post on the website as it did not fall under their niches.

An Ideal Solution for Your Online Business – NopCommerce

Now days, there is a profusion of open source options for the person looking to establish an online business. Being a part of IT industry, I have seen my colleagues working on various open source solutions such as Magento, Open-cart and many more.

But, none of them can make you feel the difference that one will experience while working on nopCommerce. You can also try best nopcommerce themes by visiting

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The main feature of this software is that it is very easy to manage and quite user-friendly. This was the reason why nopCommerce created a buzz in the market soon after it was launched.

Unlike others, nopCommerce in not written in PHP or Pearl rather, it is completely written in ASP.Net 4.0 and nopCommerce developers have provided the backend of SQL 2005 which even today is considered as very powerful database management platform.

nopCommerce provides a catalog front end and easy to work with administrative back end, which completely allows the user to open their online business soon and manage it to perfection on their own.

Although, the software is developed in ASP.Net but anyone with basic computing and administrative skills can manage the software efficiently. The nopCommerce is quite easy to customize and one can easily make categories or sub categories.