Tips For Wearing Oculus Quest 1 Prescription Lenses

If you have ever been miserable with thick prescription glasses, you know how free it can be to proceed without them. For people who wish to eliminate glasses forever, Oculus Quest 1 prescription lenses might be the answer for you.

They are lighter weight and thinner. When you see your eye doctor, ask for special eye vision tests and for lenses aside from eyeglasses. You may visit VR Wave website to purchase oculus quest 1 prescription lenses. 


If this is your first time wearing contact lenses, it can be hard to tell if they are flipping in the ideal direction. Here's a hint. If they're flaring outside, they are out. If they are cupped, they're out on the right.

While this does not sound fun, it is crucial to follow the directions that you read on the lens yourself, the solution, and what your eye doctor provides you. If you're adding eye drops into your eyes, then read the box to be certain they're safe for your sort of lens.

Keep your hands clean. If you find a bunch of clumps and spots on your lens, it's probably because you didn't keep your hands washed the last time you managed them. Wash your hands with soap and dry them thoroughly each time you manage your lens.

Take your answer with you. It comes in little travel sizes that will easily fit in your handbag or briefcase. Always use a solution to wash your prescription contact lenses as even water can contain minerals or be overly harsh for your eyes.

Prescription contact lenses have an expiration date for a reason. Don't wear them before that date. If your contacts are everyday wearers, that means a single day, not 2 or three. Even if your vision appears fine, toss those contacts after your time.