All You Need to Know About Swimming Pool Covers

Mesh and density are the two main types of security covering. They are attached to the deck or floor by ropes that stretch the cover over the swimming area. The ground surface contains clamps that are concave or screwable to avoid a tripping hazard.

The clamps are attached to stainless steel springs connected to the straps, allowing for flexible stretching. To ensure adequate coverage and safe adhesion, the cover must be larger than the water level.

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Net-lined pool products hold dirt and allow snow and rain to escape through the material. Because these objects are made of webs, dirt and sand can penetrate the surface.

However, they prevent sunlight from penetrating and minimize the chances of algae growing below the surface of the water. By allowing water to leak out, they prevent standing water from forming on their surface and prevent pets or children from encountering shallow water.

Thick vinyl covers won't let water in, so they're not usually recommended for locations where there is frequent snow or heavy rain. They allow the deposition to build up, creating a puddle of water on the cover.

Some manufacturers of these swimming pool products add drainage plates or sell roof pumps that can be used to pump water out of the lid.