Steel Sheds – For Your Home Passion

Steel sheds are the perfect solution if you are a DIY enthusiast. Small garages, storage buildings, workshops, hangers are all perfect for a steel-framed building solution. With the savvy enthusiast able to put steel sheds up themselves they make for an excellent choice to store any of your equipment.


Pre-Fabricated Steel Sheds

We've combined our knowledge of steel buildings to create erection-friendly steel sheds. With a huge choice of colors, accessories, and pre-engineered structural steel framing components you can provide every detail to give your vision the functionality it needs. Experienced engineers can advise you on every matter and provide you with a free comprehensive quotation.

Steel Sheds – Refurbish your aged roof

Steel sheds have such a long life span, the framework of your building will outlast the cladding which is the constant victim of the elements. A new steel-framed building could be out of your price range or the lease on your unit is expiring and you need to transform your site to safeguard against penalties.

Refurbishment can be the cheap alternative to modernizing and meeting health and safety requirements. All companies offering refurbishment should offer valuable warranties against fading and rusting and a long life guarantee.

Storage Buildings – Why use steel sheds?

Smaller storage units have quickly become the cost-effective way of dealing with a lack of space in your business or at home. These steel sheds are excellent if you want a mini storage building or a bespoke industrial unit. When researching steel buildings you should make sure the companies you contact can provide bespoke design solutions and not compromise on your ideal solution.