All You Need To Know About Video Translation Services

Video Caption Corporation is a full-service video translation company. We can provide you with subtitles or voice narration services, from almost any source language to almost any target language, and we can provide your subtitles or voice in any format you want.

Businesses can show their subtitles on your main video so it's always visible, or provide you with network streaming subtitle files, VOD, DCP or IMF, DVD or Blu-ray creation, and most non-linear editing systems. Skilled technicians can also modify your images to include subtitles and add special design elements to your videos, such as a contrasting background for your subtitles. You can also look for a video translation services via

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They can provide you with voice-only recordings or voice recordings that are completely mixed with existing audio. Professional speakers are all native speakers of the target language and can match their mother tongue in style, tone, and pace.

While most skilled translators can provide a word-for-word translation into the desired language, translators understand that their job is not only to translate but also to "localize". The translator is a native speaker of the target language, has complete mastery of the source language, and has extensive experience in the art of video translation.

Professional video translations are often paraphrased to convey the basic meaning of dialogue within screen time constraints. This solves the "expansion" problem where literal translation into the source language results in significantly more words in the target language.