How To Purchase Chicken In Melbourne?

When shopping for chicken, do you ever wonder what is behind the information on the label? Do you feel overwhelmed and default to buying what’s on sale? What does all of that information mean, anyway?

The trick in buying chicken is not to read the label, but to read between the lines and understand what is not written for the buyer. You can easily buy wholesale chicken via

No antibiotics

To make sure your chickens are raised without antibiotics, you need to buy organic chickens.

No hormones

Federal law does not allow the use of hormones in chicken rearing, so this claim is weightless.

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Vegetarian food

This means the chickens are fed a diet that does not contain animal products. We learned earlier that 25% of a chicken’s diet must come from food (eating insects, worms, and grass outdoors). Chickens are omnivores, not vegetarians.

Therefore, the “vegetarian diet” usually implies that the chickens should not go out and eat, but only be fed vegetables and whole grains.

This means that in addition to being non-free, the chicken is poorly fed (99% of the time “vegetarian food” means the chicken is soy-fed).

And since most labels don’t tell you what type of grain to feed the chicken, you can assume that the grain contains chemicals, pesticides, and synthetic additives. Buying healthy and clean chicken is not just about us as individuals and what we add to our bodies.