High Quality 1 Ply Window Tint Providing Safety and Security

1 ply window tints are of the highest quality shield that protects your car from harmful sun rays and manufactured using the most modern processes, taking into account the safety features of the windows and the occupants in them.

Choose the 1 ply window color that best suits your purpose and compare it to the rest in terms of performance and price. Many leading companies have an exclusive range of products for 1 ply window tint to prevent property damage and personal injury from vandalism, explosions, natural disasters, and terrorist activity. 

High Quality 1 Ply Window Tint Providing Safety and Security

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The main features of 1 ply window tint are :

  • Signal friendly

  • Two-ply construction with 1.5mm lining

  • Almost complete rejection of ultraviolet

  • Very defined optical properties

  • Lifetime warranty

Window staining used for architectural purposes is of high accuracy, which has such outstanding properties:

  • Sun protection

  • The metallic and futuristic look

  • Overheat protection

  • High HVAC efficiency

  • Reduce overall energy costs

1 ply window tint is environmentally friendly, which makes them the obvious choice for customers. They should reduce glare and protect glass pieces. You can adjust the thickness of the 1 ply window tint to 4 to 11 millimeters to meet the actual purpose for which it is installed.

Many companies provide paint protection film with 1 ply window tint which is very clear and very glossy. Paint protects products include separators, cutters, cleaners, software, and a set of headlight cleaners.