A Quick Guide To Scrabble Cheats

Once upon a time, board games were the only form of entertainment. One of the most popular was Scrabble. During that time, the only cheating involved in Scrabble was when you peaked at a dictionary when your opponent wasn’t looking. We all can imagine how difficult that was to accomplish. 

Nowadays, ever since Scrabble went online, people have seen an increase in the available cheats offered by numerous websites. First off, all the different kinds of words with friends cheat are word finders. 

From Scrabble cheat boards to simple anagram solvers, all of them have a common purpose: to make sense out of the random letters on your rack. The difference between the different types is mostly in the level of cheating that is offered. The most basic tool that can be used is word checkers. 

Word checkers are pretty self-defining. If you want to know if the word you’re thinking of building is valid, a word checker can do that for you. For most Scrabble players, using this tool is not really cheating or, at the very least, is at the lowest level of cheating and can be ignored.

The second type of Scrabble cheat is the anagram solver. Anagram solvers are used to build words out of random letters.