Possible Solutions To Overpopulation

Simply educating men and women about contraception can have a big impact. Experts that are prepared to address the sensitive issue of overpopulation claim that the world’s climate crisis calls for “non-emissions-based solutions” and, furthermore, that “contraception is an overlooked approach”.

Population Council experts claim that improved access to birth control could slow population growth and reduce global greenhouse gas emissions by as much as 40%.You can refer to yanvanathemessage.com/overpopulation/ to learn about overpopulation problems.

world overpopulation problems

Actions at Individual level

  • You should have fewer children. One is fine, two is sufficient.

  • Consider adoption!

  • Learn and educate yourself about the issues of population.

  • Reducing your personal consumption is easy: go vegan, reduce your flying, share your home with others and more.

  • Share your concern and knowledge with your family and friends, and raise awareness on overpopulation via social media.

Actions at the national level

Governments should consider high-fibre developing countries.

  • Family planning programs can be generously funded

  • Modern contraception should be legalized and made free of charge in all areas, even remote ones.

  • To reduce infant and child deaths, improve health care

  • Restriction of child marriage, and raising the legal age for marriage to minimum 18 years

  • Make compulsory education mandatory for as long as possible, minimum until 16 years old, and provide generous funding to support the infrastructure.

Less crowding, lower demand on natural resources, cleaner air, the return of degraded ecosystems and reduced carbon emissions are just some of the benefits that could be realised over the coming decades by successfully reducing the global human population.