The Role Of The Legal Entity Applying For An LEI

Legal entities are not limited to the use of LEI issuers in their own country. Instead, he or she can use any LOU registration service that is accredited and eligible to validate LEI registration in their official jurisdiction. An LEI accredited publisher has successfully achieved the GLEIF accreditation plans for the relevant jurisdiction.

The LEI contains links to key reference information enabling clear and unambiguous identification of legal entities involved in financial transactions. You can avail LEI registration services via . Publicly available information about identifiable legal entities with the LEI is for its LEI issuer.

The data for reference includes:

Business card information, eg. the valid name of the legitimate entity and its registered office. In the global LEI system, this information is introduced as "Level 1 data". It answers the question "who is who".

Relationship information that can be used to identify the immediate and final parents of a legal entity. This information is known as "Level 2 Data". He answered the question "Who owns whom".

Costs for issuing and maintaining an LEI are the responsibility of the organization that issued the LEI and must be on a fee basis. The global LEI system is intended to encourage competition among LEI issuing organizations.