Vegan Restaurants In Paris Every Vegan Needs To Know

Veganism refers to a diet that focuses on fruits and vegetables only. Vegans will not only reject meat, seafood, and fish but also dairy products, eggs, and other food items with animal origins, like honey.

Vegans are not restricted to eating products. They may even choose to become vegans. Veganism, in its most basic form, is a way to live and a mode of consumption that tries not to allow animal suffering, exploitation, or brutality for food, clothing, or other purposes. Europe Archives at Vegan Travel Agent can help you to find unique destinations to eat.

42 Degree: This gastronomic restaurant offers 100% "Raw Food." You may be wondering what "Raw Food" is.

It's a method of cooking raw or dried foods to preserve all nutrients and vitamins.

All dishes are gluten-free and vegans love the smoked pepper parsnip and marinated mushroom Parmentier.

Sol Semilla: This superfood vegan canteen is the first French superfood brand.

A superfood is a food with high nutrient content food. This branch shop is more than a canteen. It insists on three very important requirements for their cooking: nutrition and flavor, ecology, fair trade.

You can find out more about their specialties like the Raw Plate (veggie plate with salad, seasonal fruits, and vegetables) and Superfood Oleaginous Caviar.

Le Potager du Marais: Anyone who enjoys great food and likes to try the stereotypical Granny's old recipes can find traditional French cuisine with a vegan twist at this place.

This restaurant is not only eco-friendly but also offers organic, gluten-free food that will delight your taste buds. A little symbol next to certain dishes on the menu will indicate that it is gluten-free.