What Is Dredging Used For?

Dredging is the act of excavating sediments from the bottom, or sometimes the banks, of rivers, lakes, and harbors. The material is then placed in various locations. A dredge, special equipment that loosens and then suckers out sediment and other debris are used.

Dredge is a method of removing sediments, pollutants, or debris. If waterways are not dredged regularly, they can become choked with sediments and other trash over time. It is important to keep waterways at the right depths in order to avoid flooding and allow ships to pass. Hence, there are several other reasons to hire dredging installation services:

Environmental Dredging to Maintain Waterbodies – Clean Dredging can be done in rivers, lakes, ponds, and shallow seas. The bottom of freshwater bodies and seas can become clogged with waste from homes and factories. They must be cleaned up from time to time. They can pollute water and cause the death of aquatic animals and plants.

Beach Nourishment – Beaches can be eroded by both human activity such as sand mining and natural causes like storms or wave actions. Sometimes, excess sand can be removed and deposited to replenish it. The protection of beaches is not limited to the prevention and control of flooding. If a piece of land is being used to build a building, and it happens to be lower than the surrounding land, dredging can help to raise such land.