What Is Short Term Accommodation?

Short-Term Accommodation, also known provides assistance to those who need to live outside of their home for a short time.

The funds for short-term accommodation can be used to provide the need to rest and support your carers .  It gives your carers a brief break from their caring. Short-Term Accommodation might meet your needs , if the usual support system isn't working for a short time.

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Some benefits are:

  • Gives you the opportunity to explore new experiences
  • It can be a great space to make new friends or to learn new techniques
  • could help keep your current lifestyle by giving your support system an opportunity to take a break.

Short-Term Accommodation can include:

  • Personal service
  • Accommodation
  • food
  • The provider and you agree with the provider.

Usually , providers can allow the duration of up to short Long-Term Accommodation each year. It is possible to utilise the funds for Short Term Accommodation in a variety of ways. You might, for instance, decide to make use of it for a period that lasts up to fourteen days or even for one weekend per month.

In general, funding is for the group cost, unless there's evidence that you require a specific support due to your impairment. You can also use the same support for other people except if you require individual support due to your impairment.

If you already have money from your Core budget, you could use it to pay for short-term accommodation.

You may decide to spend your Core budget to purchase various supports such as short-term accommodation to meet your requirements. You must be thinking about the best way you can use your budget in order to accomplish the goals set in your plan.