What is The Complete Procedure of Tooth Extraction?

The tooth Extraction procedure is performed in a dental clinic and is only performed by trained and qualified dentists. During the procedure, your dentist may use one of the following anesthetics:

• Local anesthetic: Your dentist will use this for injections near the affected area. However, before that, the area was numbed with a little gel. This is where you should know that you will be awake during the scaling & polishing in Singapore or wisdom tooth surgery process.

• Sedative anesthesia: This anesthetic is given to your nerves via an intravenous line. This will cause you to pass out through the wisdom tooth extraction procedure.

• General anesthesia: It is used in special cases. You may need to breathe through an IV or perform anesthesia. You will lose consciousness and your vital signs will be monitored by the surgical team. During this whole wisdom tooth extraction procedure under anesthesia, you will feel no pain and have no memory.

After completing the tooth extraction process, you will be taken to a room called a recovery room. Follow your dentist's instructions during treatment. You will feel blood leaking from the treated area, but not spitting up much. 

Excessive spitting can replace blood clots. If you are in pain, take an over-the-counter pain reliever such as acetaminophen or another pain reliever recommended by your dentist. 

The tooth extraction causes the gums to swell, suppressing the fact that you can use an ice pack as per your dentist's instructions. Do not do any activity that increases the pain or stress on the gums.